Female Cop Accused of Shooting Ex-Girlfriend, Killing Ex’s New Lover

Author: Alex Cooper

An off-duty officer with the New York Police Department is accused of shooting her ex-girlfriend and killing her ex-girlfriend’s new partner on Thursday.

Media reports identified the officer as Yvonne Wu, 31.

She allegedly opened fire on the women inside her ex-girlfriend’s residence around 5 p.m. Both of the victims were shot in the chest, reported the New York Daily News. The outlet identified Wu’s ex-girlfriend as Jenny Li, 23, and Li’s new girlfriend as Jamie Liang, 24.

Wu had reportedly been at her ex’s home in the Bensonhurst neighborhood, waiting for the couple to return. Sources told the Daily News that Li called 911. The operator said they heard someone in the background say, “That’s what you get.”

When police arrived at the scene, Wu was waiting outside.

“I would describe her as calm, collected, and very forthcoming,” Assistant Chief Michael Kemper said at a press conference. “Simply put, she confessed. That’s all I’m going to say.”

While fielding questions from reporters, Kemper said there was a “very good chance” Wu used her service weapon in the shooting.

The officer had been with NYPD since 2016 and worked the 72nd Precinct in Brooklyn.

A friend of the former couple told the Daily News that Wu and Li lived together until they broke up last month.

“She was possessive. Jenny Li just couldn’t take it anymore,” the 21-year-old friend told the outlet. “This cop is a psychopath. She was stalking her ex for a month.”

The friend said Wu was sitting on Li’s bed when the couple came home. She added that after the break up, Wu had showed Li her gun, threateningly. The friend said that Li didn’t report it to the police since “they still care for Yvonne because they are friends.”

Wu is in custody and charges against her are pending.

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Author: Alex Cooper


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