Kansas transgender prison employee sues over alleged gender identity harassment

Author: Donald Padgett

A transgender woman is suing the Kansas Department of Corrections alleging harassment from staff and management at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility where she worked for 14 years as a counselor and later as a supervisor.

Shelly Lamb claimed the harassment started in October 2021 when she informed her employers that she was transitioning, according to the Kansas City Star. She claimed in her lawsuit that she was informed she could not wear women’s clothing, makeup, or nail polish to work, and that other employees would be permitted to deadname and misgender her during business hours. Lamb also claims she was prevented from using the restroom that aligned with her gender identity.

She also alleges the Department of Corrections took two months to update her employee records, that she was forced to work in a converted storage room in the basement of the building, and that some of her subordinates and duties were transferred or reassigned.

Lamb claims in the lawsuit she eventually left the position due to the harassment she endured after she revealed her true gender identity.

A spokesperson for the Kansas Department of Corrections told the Star the department could not comment on any pending lawsuits.

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Author: Donald Padgett

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