What Will Become of Diabolical Piers Morgan?

Author: John Casey

If you have not heard about all the drama around the LGBTQ+ community’s least-favorite British anchor, Piers Morgan, that is understandable. We shut him off years ago as the hateful xenophobic, homophobic and transphobic broadcasting bigot.
It’s no surprise that last week Morgan went after Meghan Markle, tearing into her accusations of mental health issues and racism. After all, Meghan represents several things that rub provocateur Piers the wrong way — she’s a biracial woman, and to him a “crazy” one at that. If she was a lesbian, or trans, or non-binary, then there would likely be no bounds to what the malicious, malevolent Morgan would say about her.
Prickly Piers walked off the set of Good Morning Britain earlier this week after his fellow anchor, weatherman Alex Beresford, who is biracial, tore into Morgan about his treatment and words about Meghan, calling him “diabolical.” I think we can all agree to that fitting adjective for a man who uses his words piercingly. In a huff, Morgan later announced he was leaving the morning program. Good riddance, and don’t let all the hate hit you on the way out!
We wrote in 2017 about Morgan’s cruelty and inability to understand two other very personal and real attributes, nonbinary and transgender. Again, on Good Morning Britain, he let his hate shine when he interviewed the non-binary, transgender parent of the first baby to not be assigned a gender at birth. Morgan treated the discussion like a public flogging, hammering them to answer questions about whether they were born male or female. and if they’d had gender confirmation surgery.  It didn’t matter to the motormouth Morgan that there was a baby involved.
“I’m happy for you to identify any way you damn well see fit. It’s fine. It’s your business,” Morgan said. “What I’m more concerned about is your baby having absolutely zero identity until it decides what it wants to be. Can I call it ‘it’? What do I call your baby? Is it an ‘it’?”
You would think that the management of Good Morning Britain would have tossed him after a statement like that. Instead, I guess they, along with the Daily Mail, were ok with him pushing the issue further via a column he wrote, that said in part, “My number one pet hate at the moment is the absurd ‘gender fluid’ movement, driven by people who don’t wish to be defined as either male or female.”
Then, in 2019, we wrote about his reaction to a short film produced by shaving conglomerate Gillette, that pointed out the harm toxic masculinity does to men, women, boys, and girls. Morgan called the message of the film a “global assault on masculinity.” I don’t know about you, but I really can’t think of anyone more masculine than Piers Morgan. The examples of his Ramboness are too many to mention. Or far fewer to remember? We’re outdone by his wimpy weakness, to be honest. All it took to minimize Morgan was for a weatherman to question his behavior. After being publicly castigated, pitiful Piers walked away with his proverbial small, devil’s like tail between his lying legs.
Last summer, U.K. rail company Avanti West Coast launched a Pride train, replete with rainbow flag colors and an all-LGBTQ+ crew as part of an effort to be more inclusive to the queer community. We wrote about Morgan’s loco response to this laudable locomotive. First, in a Twitter post he asked simply “Why?” above an image of the train. Later, he posted this gem, “It’s perfectly possible to be a long-time vocal supporter of gay rights – like me – AND think a gay train is ridiculous.”
Um, what’s ridiculous is pitiable Piers’ claim to be a “long-time vocal supporter of gay rights.” Let’s just stop for a moment to see if that’s true. When discussing whether kids in school could identify with whatever sexuality they felt they were, he asked what would happen if he wanted to identify as an elephant? Maniacal Morgan once joked that he had ‘possible trans-gender aspirations” when responding to a tweet claiming he had an issue with women because he wanted to be one.
When the rabid homophobe was threatened to be outted in a newspaper column, Morgan said he was ‘disgusted’ and then went on to state he ‘currently’ identifies as a ‘bi-gender-fluid-lesbian.’ Because presumably he seems to eat his own words, he also attacked a Pride-themed sandwich by British supermarket chain Marks and Spencer that was launched to raise money for the Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity dedicated to helping homeless LGBT+ youth. “Shame on you @marksandspencer, this is truly pathetic,” he tweeted.
I think we can all agree what is pathetic is Morgan’s never-ending moronic malfeasance, and also anyone who would have the audacity to hire this acerbic anchor after all his spiteful speech. Wherever he goes, Morgan’s self-claimed tantalizing tribulations always end in trouble. And that trouble always involves our community, or women, or people of color, or now victims of mental health issues. Anyone who speaks and thinks like Morgan must have severe, very severe anxiety. Why else does he get all riled up about subjects he knows nothing about? What is he so afraid of?
And what are media outlets that hire this panderer of pathologies afraid of? Why is Morgan given a pass each time he peddles despicableness and deceits? Chances are if he does land somewhere else in the media sphere (I can only think of Newsmax as the most appropriate place), and continues to bloviate his bombast, his fellow broadcasters (and not at Newsmax) are likely to take their cues from Beresford the weatherman and reach for words like “diabolical” to describe their unwelcomed nasty colleague.
So, what will become of our demoniacal Piers? Perhaps, he ends up with elephanticide, the “hunchback of hate” riding on a Pride train, eating a gay sandwich, in front of a seat-screen that plays the Gillette ad on a loop, and sitting between a transgender woman and a non-binary child? Actually, outside of elephanticide, Morgan doesn’t deserve a scenario that is this open-minded and opulent.
John Casey is editor at large for The Advocate.

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Author: John Casey


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