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Flashback Files Mcs

Flashback Files – Masters of Ceremonies

From the stage of the legendary Flashback nightclub we present a montage of various live unscripted moments of hilarity and confusion from some of the outstanding Flashback event hosts ever to grace the stages. From Gloria Hole (Darrin Hagen) to Rhoda B. (Ron Byers) then the icon and face of Flashback John Reid. There is even Millie (Paul Chisholm), Neon (Terrie Grieve), Trash (Terry Robison) plus many more that you will be sure to remember. Thankfully this video is not rated NSFW!! Patrick Monaghan – a consulting producer on the Flashback Documentary Film – decided to start filming drag…

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Flashback Drag Race

Flashback Drag Races Video

One of the most fun events put on by Flashback was held on the May Long Weekend. Annually the Mz Flashback Contest was held and part of the weekend fun was the Drag Races – invented long before RuPaul came along. In fact it was Mz. Flashback 4 Bianca Bang Bang (Lee Denning) and Mr. Flashback 4 Mr. Vera (Daryl Broyles) that came up with the idea after they saw a video from the US. way back in 1979. According to Mr. Vera “it was an actual drag race on like wild world of sports and some old drag…

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