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Flashback Files Gloria Hole

The Flashback Files: Gloria Hole

Every once in a while, a queen is born. Whether through osmosis or immaculate misconception is still mostly a mystery, but they appear. Suddenly and without warning, a new pretender to the throne stands in front of you. Under the terms of the Sisterhood of Unrecognized Royalty, they all get their grab at the tiara at some point in their career. Darrin HagenThe Edmonton Queen: The Final Voyage – 2007 July 1982 a young man ventured out on his own with a few clothes, a love letter from an older (33) man and his accordion strapped to his back…

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Author: Alex Cooper Well…yes, marriage equality has been good for the U.S. In fact, it’s made the country better. Darko Sikman/Hulu Courtesy Justice Horn Facebook...

Flashback Files Mcs

Flashback Files – Masters of Ceremonies

From the stage of the legendary Flashback nightclub we present a montage of various live unscripted moments of hilarity and confusion from some of the outstanding Flashback event hosts ever to grace the stages. From Gloria Hole (Darrin Hagen) to Rhoda B. (Ron Byers) then the icon and face of Flashback John Reid. There is even Millie (Paul Chisholm), Neon (Terrie Grieve), Trash (Terry Robison) plus many more that you will be sure to remember. Thankfully this video is not rated NSFW!! Patrick Monaghan – a consulting producer on the Flashback Documentary Film – decided to start filming drag…

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