Allen West claims he has “natural immunity” to COVID-19 while being hospitalized for it

Author: Juwan J. Holmes

Longtime anti-LGBTQ conservative and former Texas GOP chair Allen West declared today that he has “natural immunity and double the antibodies” in his battle against COVID-19. Except his “natural immunity” didn’t come ‘naturally,’ but due to monoclonal antibody infusion therapy, and somehow he suggests that this is more scientific than vaccines, and that the latter should not be mandated.

West issued the statement in a series of tweets from a hospital bed in Plano, Texas, where he landed after trying to treat his illness with ivermectin (an anti-parasitic drug for humans and animals) and hydroxychloroquine (arthritis medication that also treats malaria.) Meanwhile, his wife, Angela, who has been vaccinated, went home after also being treated, while West remains hospitalized with COVID-related pneumonia and low blood oxygen levels.

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It was first announced from West’s Twitter account that he and Angela had contracted coronavirus. “[Lt.] Col. West will be available through virtual means to do events until his family’s health issue is rectified,” the third-person series of tweets read.

“He is already taking Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin protocols,” the writer claimed. A subsequent tweet also clarified, “Dr. Angela West received the vaccine. [Lt. Col] West did not.[Lt. Col] West has publicly stated he supports individual choice and this is reflected in his own family.”

West tweeted later that evening, saying he was “probably going to be admitted to the hospital” as he wrote “Angela and I just completed the monoclonal antibody infusion therapy and are in the observation period.”

West said his illness “not serious,” but “there’s a concern about my oxygen saturation levels, which are at 89 and they should be at 95.” Still, he received X-rays of his lungs that “do show COVID pneumonia.”

Today, West made his latest series of tweets. “Good Sunday morning everyone! Greetings from Medical City, Plano, TX,” he said, “where I had a great night’s sleep, especially after watching Texas A&M upset Alabama!”

“Yesterday my wife, Angela, and I underwent monoclonal antibody infusion therapy at Advance ER in Dallas,” he said, adding that “The results were immediate.”

“Angela was released to go home but there were concerns of COVID-related pneumonia for me,” he continued. “My oxygen saturation levels were initially at 85; they are now between 94-96. My blood pressure is at 120/74 and my recent temperature reading was 98.7.” West said he was also awaiting the results of another chest x-ray.

He then praised the staff at Medical City for being “fantastic” and “not forcing any harmful protocols on me, and they’re making me grits for breakfast!!!”

West said “After this experience, I am even more dedicated to fighting against vaccine mandates.” He then said, “Instead of enriching the pockets of Big Pharma and corrupt bureaucrats and politicians, we should be advocating the monoclonal antibody infusion therapy,” even though the latter approximately costs up to $2100 per treatment, more than 100 times the price of a COVID-19 vaccine shot, and is also produced by established pharmaceutical corporations.

West claims that the vaccines “spike proteins,” but he doesn’t need that now. “Guess what? I now have natural immunity and double the antibodies, and that’s science,” he falsely argued.

“Our bodies are our last sanctuary of liberty and freedom, I will defend that for everyone, even the progressive socialist jackasses who must be saved from themselves,” he concluded, explaining that he would object to any mandates as governor of Texas, the office he’s running for in 2022.

West then began limiting replies on his tweets and hiding any replies that contradicted his false narrative about vaccines or treatments for coronavirus. “Talk about money enriching pockets you hypocrite,” one hidden reply read. “If you’re so incredibly healthy, would love for you to leave the hospital and let someone else have your bed,” said another.

“You took MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES. You hypocrite. That’s no different than the DNA-changing (according to you) vaccine, you liar,” another stated. “You were AFRAID TO DIE. A real man would have taken NO TREATMENT.”

West has not provided further detail about his and his wife’s status or current condition. The 60-year-old is planning to challenge current Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) from the right in a primary in March, less than five months away. Currently, there are five other candidates in addition to West and Abbott, despite the fact that Abbott has already received former President Donald Trump’s endorsement, which is considered the key to winning the race.

West previously served as the chair of the Texas Republican Party, until he resigned in July to declare his candidacy, which earned him criticism as party officials are supposed to remain neutral in state primaries. Prior to revamping his political career in Texas, West was a Tea Party firebrand who served as a Congressman representing Florida’s 22nd district for one term, before switching districts and losing to former Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-FL).

West, a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, advocated against the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT), saying it was unfortunate that gay people were serving in the military and suggesting that the best compromise was DADT. In 2012, he criticized Barack Obama for supporting same-sex marriage, wrongly predicting that it would cost him the black vote.

Since then, he has been championed by anti-LGBTQ groups such as the Family Research Council, a hate group, which suggested West get appointed Secretary of the Army in 2017.

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Author: Juwan J. Holmes


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