Lil Nas X, Anya Taylor-Joy, SNL’s Queer Cast Celebrate Chaotic Pride

Author: Tracy E. Gilchrist

During its season finale, Saturday Night Live paid homage to the messy and chaotic Pride Month that’s about to ensue with “It’s Pride Again.” Host Anya Taylor-Joy, musical guest Lil Nax and the show’s queer cast members Bowen Yang, Kate McKinnon, and Punkie Johnson reveled in the joy of Pride’s return to in-person events while also noting the neon and rainbow clothes and the drama that it brings. 

The song encapsulates the many moods of Pride including the joy of being with other queers, the histrionic heartbreak from not hearing from one’s crush, and the lesbian trope of moving in too quickly only to break up and make up.

“This is our St. Paddy’s Day acting sloppy cuz were gay,” they sing.

At one point, Yang suggests Johnson talk to a couple of women. When Johnson notes that the women clad in beanies and Carhartt jackets are straight, she and Yang lament, “When did it all these straight girls start dressing lesbian?”

Later they all chant, “Gender is just clothes” before Yang and McKinnon fight over what constitutes academic theory.

Lil Nas X, who performed a couple of wonderfully queer numbers for the 46th season finale, turns up toward the end of the song with some memorable rhymes.

“Post hole on close friends, post hole on main, post hole for the countries where you can’t be gay,” he says.

“Marsha P. Johnson and Harvey Milk. They paved the way so you can shake your filth,” he says. “Stonewall was a kiki when they threw the brick, they fought for your right to be this chaotic.”

Watch the video below.

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Author: Tracy E. Gilchrist


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