A Love Story That’s Gay for Valentine’s Day

Author: JD Glass

Back in 2014, I (Corey) was single and felt like I would never find the love of my life. Funny enough, I started receiving likes on Facebook from Andrew. Even the like or message from him filled me with butterflies, and this amazing feeling that I never felt before in my life. I would find out Andrew was feeling the same way about me. Our relationship was long distance at first, I was in Rochester, N.Y, and him in NYC. We would talk every moment we could through phone calls and Facetime.

Shortly after, Andrew took a greyhound bus to come to visit me in Rochester from NYC on my birthday weekend. Sometimes you chat with someone and then meet and you do not have the same connection. The minute he stepped off the bus, my whole body was filled with butterflies; we have been inseparable ever since. I looked at Andrew as he entered my car and said “you are going to be my husband.” This day will go down as one of the best days of our lives. From that day on I would go every weekend to NYC to see him, until I finally made the move to live with him in 2016. Since that day we have spent everyday together and wanted to make a family together.

Shortly after, we got our fur babies together with Bison (dog) and Erika Jayne (cat). Nine years later we are still going strong. We are best friends and lovers (the key to a successful relationship). We still both get butterflies when we look into each other’s eyes and still spend every waking moment together (we wouldn’t want it any other way).

This past July we got married in the Finger Lakes in an all-white wedding, Watching our families interact and meet each other brought us so much joy. There was a time when we never thought we would see the day as gay men to have such an amazing moment with our families, this day was tied as the best day in our lives (the day we first met). We are looking forward to continuing our love story for the rest of our lives. We cannot wait to see what each new day brings to our relationship.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to our love story. A love story that will continue the rest of our lives.

Best Regards,
Corey and Andrew Hamilton

Original Article on The Advocate
Author: JD Glass


My name is David but my online nick almost everywhere is Altabear. I'm a web developer, graphic artist and outspoken human rights (and by extension, mens rights) advocate. Married to my gorgeous husband for 12 years, together for 25 and living with our partner of 4 years, in beautiful Edmonton, Canada.

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