Watch Trump Tell Gay Supporters at FL Fundraiser ‘You Don’t Look Gay’

Author: Alex Cooper

Former President Donald Trump told some fans on Wednesday night that they didn’t “look gay.”

During a fundraiser supporting Republican congressional candidate and former Trump administration Housing and Urban Development department official John Gibbs, someone shouted “Gays for Trump!”

Trump then asked, “Where’s Gays for Trump?” After someone responded “We’re over here!” Trump looked in their direction and said, “You don’t look gay.”

He then told the crowd, “We did great with the gay population,” while the crowd laughed.

A video of the exchange has garnered more than 90,000 views on Twitter.

Gibbs is opposing freshman Michigan GOP Rep. Peter Meijer, who voted along with nine other House Republicans to impeach Trump in January 2021 for inciting his supporters to attack the U.S. Capitol.

Founder of the Gays for Trump group Peter Boykin told Newsweek in an email that those with his group “probably wouldn’t ‘look gay’ because it’s a stereotype that fits more with the typical ‘look’ of leftist LGBT. Not saying some of us might look fabulous and ‘gay.’”

“Otherwise it was a suit and tie event, so unless one of us was wearing a joker suit, meh,” Boykin wrote, adding, “Gays for Trump is a nationwide movement full of various types of gays and the gay community has a lot of diversity — the difference is the Gays for Trump lean right.”

Trump’s comments at his Florida resort come only days after Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the controversial “don’t say gay” bill into law.

His oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., has backed the legislation, according to The Independent.

“There is no ‘don’t say gay’ bill, but given all the crazy sexualization of our kids propaganda I’m seeing, maybe we need a ‘Don’t Groom Our Kids’ bill,” Donald Trump Jr .said earlier this month, echoing comments made by DeSantis’s press secretary. “If the left needs to teach toddlers these things, there can be few other rational explanations and parents need to push back now!”

During the Trump administration, LGBTQ+ rights were often on the chopping block. Trump notoriously banned transgender people from serving in the military. Additionally, he rolled back a slew of Obama-era antidiscrimination policies.

In the 2020 presidential election, at least 73 percent of LGBTQ+ voters voted for Joe Biden.

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Author: Alex Cooper


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