Police Arrest Woman Over Fatal Stabbing of Her Girlfriend

Author: Alex Cooper

A woman in Suffolk County, New York was arrested Friday. Police said she stabbed her girlfriend to death.

The women, in their 20s, had allegedly been fighting earlier in the day inside a house in Riverhead, according to Long Island TV station News 12. The outlet reports that the fight was over ending the relationship.

Police said they responded to an incident before midnight on Thursday. However, when they arrived at the scene no one was home. The authorities did find evidence of an altercation.

Authorities say Karen Abigail Delacruz Reyes, 21, had stabbed her partner Marta Esmeralda Ramirez Carbajal, 20.

“There was a fight at the house. During the fight the victim called some family members to pick her up to get her out of there,” said Suffolk Police detective Kevin Beyrer. “The family members arrived just after the stabbing occurred.”

Reyes then allegedly got in the car with Ramirez and her family and drove with them to the local medical center.

Ramirez was announced dead there

Police arrested Reyes at the center. Reyes has been charged with manslaughter. She’s pleaded not guilty.

Reyes was held without bail, according to News 12.

A criminal report stated that the victim had been stabbed in the chest once and then again in the hip, proving fatal, according to The Riverhead News-Review.

The report also stated that the charges were partially based on a video statement from Reyes who said she had stabbed her girlfriend twice during a domestic violence incident.

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Author: Alex Cooper


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