Moms for Liberty’s Extreme Agenda Gets Pushback From Pennsylvania Community

Author: Christopher Wiggins

Community members and parents in Pennsylvania’s Bucks County, which is north of Philadelphia, are mobilizing to defend diversity, equity, and inclusion in schools from the conservative group Moms for Liberty.RIDGE

Moms for Liberty, on a broader scale, is seen as part of a concerted effort to sway public opinion by capitalizing on local educational frameworks. However, as Salon highlighted, the pushback is growing. Groups like Stop Moms for Liberty and the Ridge Network are galvanizing community members to challenge the conservative wave, advocating for an inclusive educational environment that reflects a diverse society.

In reflecting on the battle for inclusivity in education, Pennridge board member Ron Wurz, who transitioned from Republican to Democrat due to the GOP’s approach to education, shared his insights with Salon.

“The way they’re going about running schools, too political and not really focused on the kids,” Wurz said.

Original Article on The Advocate
Author: Christopher Wiggins

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