Superfine, an Art Fair by and for LGBTQ+ Millennials, Hits Seattle

Author: Christopher Harrity

Known for its outsized representation of LGBTQ+ artists, artists of color, and other traditionally underrepresented groups, the Superfine art fair will land at Block 41 in Seattle for its first post-COVID event, from August 19-22. 

Featuring work by more than 60 artists, the contemporary art fair geared towards millenials prides itself on its accessible pricing, with 90 percent of the work falling into the $75-$2,500 range. Forgoing the standard stuffiness found at typical art exhibitions, Superfine founders Alex Mitow & James Miille (pictured) set out to change people’s perception of the art world, the only industry that historically tried to keep customers out. “When we looked at the art world as gay men in our 20s and 30s, we were excluded. We built Superfine to be a warm, welcoming space where people who loved art as much as we did could collect it without barriers,” says Mitow. 

The woke contemporary art fair has sold over $9 million in artwork from over 1,000 emerging artists at fairs from NY to LA, DC, Miami, and San Francisco, before setting its sights on Seattle.

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Author: Christopher Harrity


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