Mitch McConnell’s Dream of a Segregated U.S. Is Being Realized

Author: John Casey

A year from now, America’s new catchphrase will be “You are not welcome.” It will be heard at colleges, storefronts, churches, restaurants, loan offices, bakeries, and Chick-fil-As, with a 21st

How will the mess of this Supreme Court ever be rectified? In the ensuing years, will we watch more doors close for marginalized communities? Will future rulings put each of us in a separate silo, rich, white, religious, straight up here, the poor, Black people, queers down there?

Today, and for a while, we will have so much anger at Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Coney Barrett and Roberts — the “segregationist six.” It’s likely they will continue to divide our society in the years ahead; however, we must remember that the grand wizard of this vile segregation is Mitch McConnell, who as Senate majority leader blocked President Obama’s effort to appoint a justice late in his term but allowed Donald Trump’s. His torch lights the fire that is burning equality in America.

When we can’t pay off our student loans, get into a good school, or walk into a store with our same-sex partner, let’s remember that it is McConnell who is responsible for the exclamation “You’re not welcome here.”

John Casey is a senior editor at The Advocate.

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Author: John Casey


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