After the Supreme Court’s 303 Creative Ruling, What Happens to LGBTQ+ Rights?

Author: Christopher Wiggins

It has been another controversial year for the conservative U.S. Supreme Court. As a result of a decision that allows business owners to discriminate against LGBTQ+ people under the guise of free speech, legal experts warn that the decision will have repercussions that will change American society for years to come.

“Discrimination is wrong. Using religion as an excuse to discriminate is wrong – and unconstitutional. The Court’s minority is right: the Constitution is no license for a business to discriminate. Today’s ruling will move America backward,” he wrote.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Colorado baker in 2018 who claimed that making cakes for same-sex weddings violated his rights. That ruling was narrow and only applied to his situation.

The Christian baker, Jack Philips, recently lost an appeal in a new case where he refused to make a birthday cake for a transgender person.

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Author: Christopher Wiggins


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