Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Buttigiegs ‘Stay Out of Girls Bathrooms’

Author: Mikelle Street

At a speech in Georgia, sitting Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene attacked U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. In a rant, she told Buttigieg and his husband Chasten to stay out of girls bathrooms. 

“And you know what, Pete Buttigieg can take his electric vehicles and his bicycles,” she said. “And he and his husband can stay out of our girls bathrooms.”

It’s not immediately clear what Greene was referring to. The mention seems an egregious and uninformed conflation, as if the politician — whose very status of running for reelection is under review — is conflating gay men and trans women. The Republican party has been redoubling efforts to legislate trans folks out of existence ahead of this year’s midterms. 

Buttigieg has never identified as a woman, nor to our knowledge, used a “girls’ bathroom” or expressed a desire to. 

The comments came as a part of a six-minute speech for a Save America rally headlined by Donald Trump in Commerce, Georgia. Greene made her way down a list of Republican talking points including mentioning the Black Lives Matter movement and Hunter Biden’s laptop. 

“The same nasty people from Washington that think they’re better than all of you, that hate every single one of you because they hated President Trump and they hate me,” she said referring to Democrats. “They’re trying to take away your right to vote in my district, because now they’re coming after me to remove my name off the ballot. Well let me inform them of something right now: you’re going to lose.”

Free Speech For People, Emery Celli Brinckerhoff Abady Ward & Maazel LLP and civil rights lawyer Bryan Sells filed a complaint, this week, against Greene. The paperwork hopes to bar Greene’s candidacy for reelection, alleging she “voluntarily aided and engaged in an insurrection to obstruct the peaceful transfer of presidential power.”

The section of the speech about the Buttigiegs was preceded by Greene saying a new Republican party would take over the U.S. House of Representatives and greenlight drilling for oil within the U.S. After the Buttigieg comment, she went further and deadnamed Lia Thomas. Thomas has been making national headlines after making history as a trans swimmer. 

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Author: Mikelle Street


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