25 Shots From the Ultimate Leather Magazine

Drummer magazine originally launched in Los Angeles in 1975 and ran until 1999. It was the largest American leather magazine and has been said to have created the leather movement as we know it today. It’s featured writers and artists like Tom of Finland, Rex, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Samuel Steward. Last October, Drummer relaunched in print and online at, rising from the ashes 20 years later as a quarterly magazine. Our vision: to accurately reflect the gay leather scene while educating readers about fetishes and kinks that are underreported or underrepresented.
– PHOTO: Matt Spike- From issue 218, coming out October 2020, and celebrating the 1st year anniversary of the reboot.- Shot in London, England. We decided to do a modern (rubber) take of Robert Mapplethorpe’s photo “Brian Ridley and Lyle Heeter.” It’s an homage to Mapplethorpe who shot a different cover for Drummer issue 24 in 1978

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Author: Mike Miksche


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