Dannii Minogue says she’s open to hosting a trans and non-binary dating show

Author: Marcus Wratten

Dannii Minogue at the screening for BBC show I Kissed A Girl.

I Kissed A Girl host Dannii Minogue has addressed the possibility of a similar dating show for trans and non-binary people. 

On Sunday 5 May, the debut episode of the UK’s first ever lesbian dating show I Kissed a Girl will air on BBC Three – with “I Begin To Wonder” songstress Dannii Minogue hosting.

The show, which follows the same premise as last year’s hit series I Kissed A Boy, also hosted by the Minogue sister, sees ten single women travel to an Italian Masseria and get paired up. On their first meeting, they have to go straight in for a kiss with their partner  – without saying a word.

As the series progresses, new contestants are brought in, and the existing couples have to decide whether they’re feeling the spark or want to try and make a go of it with someone else in the Masseria.

Dannii Minogue set to host I Kissed A Girl.
Pop sensation Dannii Minogue returns for an all-new I Kissed A Boy reality dating series spin-off I Kissed A Girl. (BBC)

Despite the groundbreaking series being the very first of its kind, some viewers are already keen to know whether a similar show would work for other members of the LGBTQ+ community, namely trans and non-binary folk.

Speaking at a screening of I Kissed A Girl on 1 May, Minogue said that while the “full focus” right now is on I Kissed A Girl, she suggested that she and the team behind the show are keen to “open doors” and explore future, potential iterations.

“Our full focus was to really be focussed on this first series. We’re opening the first page of a very large book that’s got so many stories in it to tell,” she explained.

“You never get to the other ones until you walk through the first door. The importance of this show to be great helps other doors open for so many other shows – whether that’s our show, I don’t know. I don’t have those production conversations.”

She added that, while it’s sadly a “one step at time” scenario in terms of LGBTQ+ dating shows, considering they have never been on British TV before, she’s “open” to being part of a trans and non-binary version. 

“How amazing would it be in the next 12 months, two years, to see what does come from this? We knew the next question would be [about a trans and non-binary version], and we can’t get to that until we do this.

“Everybody is open for all of that to happen and it’s just one step at a time, unfortunately,” she said.

During I Kissed A Girl, the pairs have to stage frequent ‘Kiss-Offs’, in which they decide whether they want to stay with their assigned partner, or try and see if someone else is interested in a kiss.

I Kissed A Girl host Dannii Minogue standing with the cast of I Kissed A Girl.
Dannii Minogue will host the first ever dating show for queer women, I Kissed A Girl. (Getty)

If anyone remains unkissed, they have to leave the show. However, as last year’s I Kissed A Boy proved, even those who leave the show early on can garner attention and adoration from fans online.

In October, the cast of I Kissed A Boy appeared at the PinkNews Awards to pick up their accolade for the Screen Moment of the Year.

As such, Minogue is keen for the girls on this year’s cast to have their moment in the sun too, before conversations can begin about other possible versions of the show.

“We want to celebrate the girls. We want them to enjoy this next year. We don’t want to rush anything we make and we want to make sure that they’re all looked after. That is the main concern of everybody who’s been a part of making this show,” she explained.

“And that’s really hard if you’re like, ‘Oh, those girls are done, and we’re over here’. It’s gonna be a big topic of conversation. I can only tell you from my side that I want this to be amazing, and then lets open other doors.”

The first two episodes of I Kissed A Girl will be available to stream on BBC iPlayer on 5 May, and following episodes will air at 9pm on BBC Three on Sundays and Mondays.

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Author: Marcus Wratten

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