Justin Bieber’s Dad Digs Himself Deeper After Anti-Pride Month Post

Author: Dylan Reber

Jeremy Bieber, dad to global superstar Justin Bieber, is in hot water for an anti-LGBTQ+ post he made during Pride Month.

And in an earlier tweet, he wrote, “My post was to acknowledge families, that’s it! and before you say I abandoned my son, move on! that’s an old narrative pushed! its ridiculous and didn’t happen. Now my delivery may have been poor but it was not to be hateful or homophobic…”

Justin Bieber, who was once the victim of homophobic bullying, has yet to comment on the controversy surrounding his father. The pop singer made headlines in 2018 for comforting a queer fan who was struggling to find a church that would accept them.

“Yeah, that breaks my heart for you. I’m so sorry. That’s not okay,” Bieber can be heard saying in a video of the interaction. “If you ever want to come to any of the services [at Bieber’s Hillsong Church], any of them would love to have you. We’d love to have you in there, you’re more than welcome to come any time.”

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Author: Dylan Reber


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