‘I’m in my mum’s car’ viral star shares transition update

Author: Amelia Hansford

A selfie of trans man Tristan Simmonds.

The star of an iconic 2010s Vine clip has revealed he is soon to start taking testosterone as part of his transition, which he began several years ago.

Internet star Tristan Simmonds has shared regular updates on his trans journey after coming out as trans in March 2021.

The social media personality became famous for a clip shared in 2014 to the now-defunct site Vine, in which he simply says: “I’m in my mum’s car, broom broom.”

In a statement shared on 11 June, Simmonds said that a prescription for testosterone had been approved by his doctor, and that, once his blood test results come back, he will “finally” begin hormone replacement therapy.

“I’m so excited and can’t wait [to] finally be on [my] journey, finally be the man who I truly am,” he said.

“Also looking forward to the changes.”

At the same time, Simmonds uploaded a clip to his TikTok channel in which he confirmed he would be starting gender-affirming care soon, saying the journey had been “hard work”.

“There will probably be ups and downs with it, mood swings and all that, but I’m a moody f**k anyway, so no change there then,” he joked.

“I’m actually looking forward to it and I can’t wait to, like, get on to that step and do it.”

After the trans journey update was published in an article for the Daily Mail, Simmonds hit back at riders replying with transphobic and homophobic abuse, saying: “I’m proud for who I am, I don’t give a s**t what people think of me.”

“For the people who support me on my journey, thank you so much for [the] love and support,” he said. “If you haven’t come out yet, don’t be scared, we all support you.

Since sharing that he had come out to his parents in 2021, Simmonds has been routinely posting pictures, statements, and various other messages of solidarity about transitioning and being part of the trans community.

In April, he shared in a two-minute clip that he had been through a consultation with GenderGP regarding his application for testosterone.

“The consultant was transgender like me, so it was really nice,” he said. “She said she [understands] me and stuff, so it was good.”

He then shared his disappointment that he was unable to freeze his eggs on the NHS after being informed that he would have to go private, which would involve significant costs.

“I was devastated with that, that I will not be able to have any biological kids in the future.”

He finished by saying that, despite the upset, he was excited to start testosterone once tests had been completed.

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Author: Amelia Hansford


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