Fans of ‘A League of Their Own’ Demand a Longer Renewal

Author: Trudy Ring

Fans of A League of Their Own, the Amazon Prime Video series that expands the vision of the popular 1992 film, are upset that it’s getting just one more season.

News broke Tuesday that the show has been renewed for a second and final season of just four episodes. The show tells the stories of women and trans people who played pro baseball while many male major leaguers were away fighting World War II, and it includes stories of queer women and people of color. Will Graham and Abbi Jacobson, both queer, created the series.

Graham tweeted Tuesday that news of the single-season renewal was a leak and not official, “so if you want to see more episodes or more seasons of this show, now is your moment. People are listening.”

Fans have responded in droves. A plane with a banner flew over Amazon Prime Video’s headquarters at the Culver Studios in Culver City, Calif., Thursday afternoon, urging the service to order more episodes of the series. The banner read, “Renew A League of Their Own #MoreThanFour.”

Supporters of the series have also posted on Twitter about how important the show is to them and why it should continue for more than just four episodes.

“We’re still struggling to be in that world where our stories are watched as universal, and I know that we will get there,” Graham recently told The Advocate. He said that’s part of the mission of the show: to fill in some of the gaps in history and even from the 1992 film to take people “on an incredible ride that speaks to truthful queer experiences.”

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Original Article on The Advocate
Author: Trudy Ring


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