Conservative talk show hosts reminisce about bullying LGBTQ+ people back into the closet

Author: Christopher Wiggins

The far-right talk show CrossTalk

Szall began the discussion with a statement reflecting on past attitudes toward children of gay parents. “There used to be a day and age… we beat up the kid at school who had two dads,” he said, implying that such actions were socially accepted.

James, linked with white supremacist Nick Fuentes’s America First organization, added to the discussion, recalling when people suspected of being gay would often conceal their sexuality. “Even the kids who we knew were obviously gay, awho had the lisp, pretended not to be gay … so that they wouldn’t get bullied,” he said.

Witzke, who is currently involved in a separate legal issue over anti-LGBTQ+ comments she made, supported these views, suggesting a return to an era where LGBTQ+ individuals would hide their identities. “That’s how we kind of maintained the line. As far as behavior, I think that they need to all go back in the closet,” Witzke commented.

She faces a defamation lawsuit in Texas filed by Eric Vaughn, a Houston hair salon owner. Vaughn’s lawsuit accuses Witzke of making defamatory statements about him and his husband by falsely claiming that their surrogacy arrangement for twins was equivalent to “human trafficking.” Witzke’s remarks, which were widely disseminated, prompted Vaughn to seek legal recourse to address the harm caused by these allegations, the Delaware News Journalreports. The lawsuit, initially dismissed due to jurisdictional issues, has recently been reinstated, bringing renewed attention to Witzke’s actions and statements.

Research shows that exposure to discriminatory language can lead to increased mental health challenges and a higher risk of harassment and violence against LGBTQ+ individuals.

Watch a clip showing the comments below.

Original Article on The Advocate
Author: Christopher Wiggins

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