Fellow Travelers creator hopes to ‘continue’ the series

Author: Ali Condon

Jonathan Bailey (left) and Matt Bomer (right) lie in bed together in the trailer for Fellow Travelers

After a titillating few weeks of television, critically acclaimed miniseries Fellow Travelers has officially come to an end – but it might not be goodbye if creator Ron Nyswaner has anything to do with it.

The gay drama, based on the novel by Thomas Mallon, followed a forbidden romance between Jonathan Bailey’s Tim Laughlin and Matt Bomer’s Hawkins Fuller. 

Their love story spans four decades, exploring what a homosexual relationship looked like from McCarthy-era Washington in the 1950s through to the AIDS crisis in the 1980s.

Jonathan Bailey (left) and Matt Bomer (right) in a sex scene from Fellow Travelers
Fellow Travelers was beloved by viewers and critics alike. (Paramount+/Showtime)

The miniseries was lauded for its emotional storytelling, its realistic depiction of discrimination, Bailey and Bomer’s sensational acting, and its intimate sex scenes.

Fans are still reeling after the series came to an end in December, but series creator Ron Nyswaner has suggested that he might not be finished with Fellow Travelers just yet.

Back in September, before the Fellow Travelers premiered on Showtime and Paramount+, Nyswaner and series producer Robbie Rogers told Entertainment Weekly that they had considered developing the miniseries into an anthology series that would “track different queer fellow travelers across history.”

Nyswaner said at the time: “Yes, I think that there are many stories to be told, and Robbie and I have spoken in detail. Because of the strike, we haven’t spoken to any of our studio executives about it. When the strike ends, that’ll be a conversation that I hope to have immediately with them. 

Jonathan Bailey as Tim (L) and Matt Bomer as Hawkins (R) in Fellow Travelers.
Ron Nyswaner has hinted that he might not be finished with Fellow Travelers. (Showtime/Paramount+)

“Even maybe taking one or two of the characters from this season who weren’t [featured] as prominently as Hawk and Tim.”

Now that the series has come to an end, Gay Times followed up with Nyswaner to check if he still plans to follow through.

While Nyswaner admitted he hasn’t yet “shared” his hopes for Fellow Travelers with his “employers”, he’s still planning to have talks with the powers that be.

Describing the series as “one of the greatest experiences” of his life, he told the publication: “If I can continue, in some way, that’s a conversation to be had with the people who will be financing that. But, we will be having that conversation.”

In the meantime, we’ll be crossing everything we can!

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Author: Ali Condon

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