Anti-LGBTQ+ Protester Fighting the ‘Homosexual Agenda’ Gets Punched

Author: Alex Cooper

A woman punched an anti-LGBTQ+ protester at a Pride parade in Cookstown, Northern Ireland, on Saturday. The protester, Gerry McGeough, was a former IRA gunrunner who spent time in U.S., German, and U.K prisons.

McGeough, 63, went to the parade with eight other men who stood reciting the rosary for the marchers. He said the participants were “glorifying the sin of sodomy,” according to The Belfast Telegraph.

The woman, 44, approached McGeough and said something to him before punching him in the face. Nearby police arrested her seconds after the incident.

Video of the attack has been circulating on social media. 

Authorities said the woman had been arrested for common assault. 

An ultra-Catholic nationalist group later said that McGeough suffered a heart attack on Sunday, the paper reported.

“We went there to engage in peaceful prayer, which is what we did,” he told The Irish Times.

McGeough has served time in Germany for attacking the U.K. army and in the U.S. for trying to buy surface-to-air missiles.

Molly Farrell, an organizer for last Saturday’s parade, told local media she didn’t know about the attack at the march.

“We had made it clear from the beginning that we remain peaceful and don’t engage with protesters,” she told The Irish Times. “I don’t imagine it was anybody who was part of the parade.”

Farrell said she was “very sorry to hear that happened.”

She added that the march had been successful and “everybody wants to come back next year.”

“It was powerful, I don’t think we ever quite expected it to be the success it has been.”

McGeough said he plans to attend the first Pride parade in the town of Omagh this weekend, according to The Belfast Telegraph. He said he was still going to fight “the homosexual agenda.”

The parade’s organizer, Cat Brogan, told The Ulster Herald that the march will “form and strengthen connections based on compassion and empathy while sending everyone the message that LGBTQ people are loved — wholly and unconditionally.”

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Author: Alex Cooper


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