Republican convention ends with a whimper of grievances & allegations

The Republican National Convention ended without an incident from President Donald Trump, leaving viewers with the awkward feeling of disappointment. Instead of a fiery, bombastic speech meant to stir up his base, Trump read a boring list of grievances and allegations off of a teleprompter in a monotone voice.

Other than one brief mention of “sexual orientation” by Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White in a half-hearted attempt at outreach to diverse voters, LGBTQ issues were ignored by speakers.

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Trump reality show version of a political convention ended without a Party platform and a decided lack of enthusiasm. Compared to the Democratic National Convention, viewership tanked, denying Trump the “ratings” he craves.

The only notable mention of LGBTQ rights came when Billy Graham’s granddaughter, Cissie, attacked transgender children and told voters that if they opposed LGBTQ rights, they should vote for Trump.

The main theme of last night’s speech seemed to be that times are dire and things are bad. Therefore, Americans should re-elect the president so he can fix it. They neglected to mention that they’re the ones who broke everything.

At the conclusion of the 2020 Republican National Convention,  issued the following statement:

“Throughout the week, the Republican Party has layered lies on top of lies in its attempt to create an alternate America,” Human Rights Campaign President Alphonso David said in an emailed statement. “An America without COVID-19, without systemic racism and the racial reckoning our nation is facing — an America without facts. They included ‘Gaslight Grenell’ but snubbed LGBTQ equality, and went so far as to include speakers spewing transphobia.”

“But in 67 days, they will get a reality check. On and before November 3rd, Equality Voters across the nation will have their voices heard and cast their ballots for the most pro-equality ticket in history: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Together, we will turn the page on Donald Trump, Mike Pence and their administration of ‘alternative facts’ and take back the People’s House for all the people.”

Actual Story on LGBTQ Nation
Author: Bil Browning


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