5 Short Photo Stories, the Greek Way

Author: Helias Doulis

Upon finishing his Writing and Film studies in 2015 in the United Kingdom, Helias Doulis returned to Greece where he shot his first semi-autobiographical feature film, The Nest. This first endeavor initially came without any particular aspirations to ever dip in the field of photography, but Helias felt he found his personal artistic form.His series ‘‘Parabyss: A Nurtured Nature’’ became his first expressive approach across Europe and the U.S. His fashion editorial was a collaboration with the iconic American fashion house of Ralph Lauren in 2018, where he photographed their RRL campaign. He diverted from using the western traditional approach and introduced a queer element in an urban landscape for the modern cowboy.
His obsession with adult cinema brought him to Paris, London, and finally to Athens, shooting films with the men he adored younger. Helias just completed his short film, The Beauty of Stigma while collecting material for his zine entitled Pale Blue Nostalgia, expected to be released in 2021.
Helias works as a freelance photographer and filmmaker in London, available worldwide — for any enquiries, please, contact

Original Article on The Advocate
Author: Helias Doulis


My name is David but my online nick almost everywhere is Altabear. I'm a web developer, graphic artist and outspoken human rights (and by extension, mens rights) advocate. Married to my gorgeous husband for 12 years, together for 25 and living with our partner of 4 years, in beautiful Edmonton, Canada.

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