Zeke Smith Proposes to Nico Santos at GLAAD Media Awards

Author: Trudy Ring

The GLAAD Media Awards ceremony held Saturday night in Los Angeles had a surprise bonus: a marriage proposal from Zeke Smith to Nico Santos.

“Nico, your love has taught me how to love,” former Survivor contestant Smith said to Santos whiledropping to a knee. “You are my other half, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Santos, a star of Superstore and Crazy Rich Asians, said yes, and Smith put a ring on his finger.

The two met at the GLAAD Media Awards after-party in 2018. Smith preceded his proposal by recalling that moment, when Santos got him a Ketel One cocktail and swept him off his feet. The two now have a home together.

In a 2019 Advocate interview, Santos noted his immediate attraction to Smith. “I remember just seeing him and going gaga over him,” Santos said. “He’s such a great guy. He’s amazing!”

Smith was outed as transgender by a fellow contestant on Survivor: Game Changers in 2017. “Why haven’t you told anyone you are transgender?” gay contestant Jeff Varner asked. The outing led to outrage, and Varner apologized publicly. Smith received many messages of support from fans.

“I think Zeke completely helped change the narrative too,” Santos said in the 2019 interview. “He brought so much attention to the community.”

Original Article on The Advocate
Author: Trudy Ring


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