Why the trans community and allies must mobilize this election year

Author: Josie Caballero

As we mark Trans Day of Visibility, I pause to reflect on our remarkable progress as a community. While we are painfully reminded daily of the critical work ahead to advance trans rights, we have also made enormous strides thanks to the bravery of so many fearless advocates who have put everything on the line to fight for our dignity, safety, and collective power.ShutterstockShutterstockShutterstock

The trans community has shown the world the power of visibility. It is time to say loudly and clearly that our rights will not be taken quietly. We will remain united for our community and show what happens when trans rights are attacked. We stand up and FIGHT BACK!

Josie Caballero is a proud trans woman and Director of the U.S. Transgender Survey and Special Projects for the National Center for Transgender Equality. She is a Navy veteran who worked as a nuclear reactor operator on the USS Ronald Regan.

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Author: Josie Caballero

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