Victoria Scone just changed Drag Race UK forever and fans are obsessed

Author: Emma Powys Maurice

Victoria Scone put a stop to anyone questioning her place on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK with an entrance so powerful it changed the game forever.

The Cardiff cabaret queen made Drag Race herstory on Thursday (23 September) as the first cis female performer in the global Drag Race franchise.

Her inclusion has been hailed for opening the doors to more diversity on the show, yet some fans had remained sceptical, finding it hard to accept a cis woman’s place in drag.

But Victoria Scone sent the trolls packing when she stepped into the werk room last night with a look so powerful even the other queens had to gasp.

“This is history guys,” one said, as another replied: “It is, it really is.”

Victoria positively oozed glamour in a rich burgundy gown with feathered sleeves, a thigh-high split, a matching headdress and wig styled in perfectly coiffed curls.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman sconned,” came her opening line, and from that moment on fans were obsessed.

But she didn’t stop there: Victoria Scone turned out two more stunning looks on the runway, knocking the other queens out of the water.

“It just feels so correct that Victoria Scone turns up, makes franchise history globally and THEN absolutely smashes the runway with two superb looks that prove exactly why there is a place for her and the AFAB queens that she’s opened the door for,” gushed one viewer.

We’re already gagging for more!

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Author: Emma Powys Maurice


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