14 of the funniest reactions, tweets and memes from this week’s Drag Race UK

Author: Hilary Mitchell

Charity Kase showing that even the spookiest among us can end up needing a hug (BBC)

Unlike Christmas and people in long-term relationships, Drag Race UK comes more than once a year.

After a delay due to the pandemic, the second season only hit our screens at the start of 2021, now it’s back and as deliciously British as ever.

Self-styled “cocky slag” Veronica Green was first up, announcing that she was back while dressed as the Wicked Witch of the West. All together now: “I made my name in Emerald City, can sing and dance and I’m so pretty…”

Other highlights from this week’s Drag Race UK episode included Spanish-born queen Choriza May explaining her move to the UK: “My favourite thing about Newcastle is my boyfriend’s dick.” Oh my. Also, let’s not forget cis queen Victoria Scone explaining her lack of a dick, saying: “I was born with a vagina, which is still going strong.” What a line.

Here are some other hilarious Twitter highlights from Drag Race UK season three, episode one. Enjoy!

Charity dressed as an undead jester caused a stir

This is very true. This is what aunties are like

Choriza May had the line of the episode

And River had the “oops-I’ve-s**t myself on a night out” move of the episode

It really is the look that launched a thousand memes

The first cis female queen had everyone thoroughly gagged

Tia Kofi crowned River the new camp cow – a well-deserved honour

UK Hun? honestly never left mine #dingdangdong

And, spoiler alert, Ru sent the Brighton queen home first AGAIN. What is going on?

Crystal served up Drag Race UK vegetable realness

And we should definitely end on this important PSA:

But as RuPaul Charles always says: “Unless they’re paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind.”

See you here next week on Thursday at 7pm for another Drag Race UK round up. Hold onto your jester hats: this series is definitely set to be a wild, fabulous ride.

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Author: Hilary Mitchell


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