Trump Coup Spokesperson Betty Bowers Has Thoughts on Lindsey Graham

Mrs. Betty Bowers — the respectable church lady personified by comedian Deven Green and created by Andrew Bradley — provided an update on Donald Trump’s unceasing effort to nullify this month’s presidential election.
Bowers assures Trump’s loyal followers that the numerous lawsuits launched to overturn Joe Biden’s victory will yield results, and that “Glorious Leader” will be in office for perpetuity.
“Technically, we have lost almost all of our lawsuits challenging the fact that Black people were allowed to vote this year,” Bowers says. “But we planned to lose all those lawsuits.”
Bowers also thanks Senator Lindsey Graham for his efforts to pressure the Georgia secretary of State to overturn Biden’s victory in that state. Bowers has some comments about Graham that we’ll just let you hear for yourself below.
Trump’s “Elite Strike Force” legal team also gets a shout-out, including Rudy Giuliani, who, just this month, melted on live television and was caught with his hands down his pants in a major Hollywood movie. Trump advisor Jenna Ellis, the woman who said gay people deserve HIV, is also lauded. The Strike Force’s Sidney Powell, who the real Trump campaign recently disavowed, gets described by Bowers as the “gal who shows up to press conferences in a metallic-velour leopard print bathrobe.”
The main point of Bowers’s press conference is asking MAGA followers to continue donating to Trump, aka his legal defense fund, even as his options to overturn the election dwindle to nothing: “Keep giving Mr. Trump your rent money. What’s the point of keeping your lights from going out if the light of our lives is going out of office?” 
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Original Article on The Advocate
Author: Neal Broverman


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