‘Transparent’ Creator Joey Soloway Corrects Interviewer on Pronouns

Even Joey Soloway gets pronouns wrong sometimes.
In a new podcast interview with Prime Video Presents host Tim Kash, the nonbinary Transparent creator — who now identifies as Joey and uses they/them pronouns, The Advocate confirmed with a representative — revealed that mix-ups happen sometimes for everyone.
“I forget all the time when I’m talking to nonbinary people, and they give me the benefit of the doubt,” Soloway said. “So I think the questions where we stop and we go ‘What is gender and what are your pronouns?’ and we fix them in the moment just like this are part of the discovery and, you know, part of the mystery and part of the fun of learning a new language and learning a new way to be.”
Transparent star Judith Light confirmed that, even after years on set of working with a nonbinary creator and largely transgender team, she sometimes errs as well.
“I have made the mistake over and over again, and I do my best to catch myself as soon as I can,” Light said. “And I want to say that you [Joey] are very forgiving, and I really appreciate your understanding of that and it is time that we do better.”
The conversation was sparked when Kash mistakenly referred to Soloway as “her.” Soloway corrected the mistake “with all respect and love,” adding, “I’m cool with it if you make a mistake.”
Soloway and Light were promoting the Transparent Musicale Finale, the cinematic conclusion to the groundbreaking series centered on a transgender woman and her family. In the podcast, Soloway also shared how Transparent, which was inspired by their own trans parent, changed their own family’s life.
“It’s turned me into a person who considers myself trans and considers myself nonbinary so I’m living in this third space between hers and his, male and female, and I’d say our whole family has actually reconsidered our relationship to gender,” Soloway said. “Faith, my sister, thought of herself as butch, a lesbian. Now she’s looking back and thinking about her childhood and wondering, Was I simply just a boy?
“My parent, obviously, transitioned from Harry to Carrie but now is quite moved by this notion that I’m reminding her that you know there’s also a third option somewhere in between. And I of course went from being incredibly filled with shame about this idea that my parent could be trans to … five or six years later, identifying as trans myself and wanting to be … part of the movement.”
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