Trans Residents Turn to GoFundMe to Flee Florida

Author: Neal Broverman

Dozens, if not hundreds, of transgender individuals are seeking donations on GoFundMe to finance their moves from states limiting their freedoms, with many seeking an escape from Florida.

“In the wake of more than 500 anti-LGBTQ+ bills being introduced in state legislatures across the United States in 2023, families and trans individuals are looking to leave their respective state as they could face more obstacles when it comes to accessing essential services related to healthcare as well as education,” Brian Hill, a communications associate at GoFundMe, announced in a release.

Some of the individuals highlighted by GoFundMe include Sage Chelf of Florida, who is attempting to move to Illinois. Chelf is scared of losing their transition-related health care; they are hoping to relocate to Illinois and is currently a few hundred dollars shy of their goal of $2,500.

“Hi, my name is Sage, I am a trans woman and currently reside in Orlando FL. Due to the new bill Desantis signed into law SB 254 I can no longer be provided medication from my doctor to continue my transition,” Chelf writes. “At this point I only have a weeks worth left of my medication. On top of that the new bathroom ban bill HB 1521 could get me arrested for using a public restroom of the gender I identify with. Due to fear for my own safety and human rights I have decided to try and escape Florida as soon as I possibly can. I’m trying to move to Illinois to be with the love of my life and also to settle down in a state I consider to be an LGBTQ+ safe haven. I just wanna live in a place where I don’t live in fear. Thank you all so much any help is highly appreciated. I’ve never done this before so figured I’d set the goal at like $2,500.”

Other trans individuals seeking assistance via GoFundMe include Juliet, a 20-year-old trans woman in Florida.

“As many are aware,” Juliet writes, “Florida grows increasingly hostile toward trans folk and laws are expanding to prevent people like me from receiving life-saving gender-affirming health care, such as ones seen in FL SB 254. I’m asking for you to help me flee this state.”

Violet Rin, another trans woman in Florida, is hoping to relocate to New Mexico.

“Florida continues to get worse,” Rin writes. “SB254 along with a slew of other Anti-trans bills have passed, and SB254 affects me directly. My care provider for my HRT had to drop me, and so many trans people in Florida are being dropped by their care providers because the new law bans Nurse Practitioners from providing GAHT(Nurse Practitioners provide 80% of GAHT care in the state…).”

GoFundMe to Escape Trans

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Author: Neal Broverman


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