Trans Reality Star Wendy Guevara Finds Her Way With ‘Perdido Pero Famosa’

Author: Tracy E. Gilchrist

If reality star and influencer Wendy Guevara was ever truly lost, she’s now found her way and she’s landed on the radars of millions of fans who voted for her this summer on the reality series, La Casa de Los FamososWendy, Perdido Pero FamosoWendy Guevara Courtesy ViX

So, it’s something very nice, something very cool done with a lot of dedication and with good vibes and I hope you don’t miss it on ViX. There are film clips of fans who are overwhelmed and crying when they meet you because you have made an impact on them one way or another. What does it mean to you that by living authentically you have touched people so deeply, especially other trans people who are inspired by your honesty, humor, and strength?

Well, I’m super grateful. Look, I don’t really know. Sometimes I understand because I also have favorite artists that I see as an example that I admire them a lot, and that girl who is appearing right now in some clips in an upcoming episode, she is a girl from Cuba. Is it in Cuba where we went to record a music video and the girl was passing by in a van and she gets out, starts crying, and I said, “Oh my God, who hit her? Who hit the girl?”

Funny enough, well, I was surprised because I said, “My God, already in another country and people are making a lot of fuss about me.” There is nothing left than to thank life and the people.

You are full of light and life, but it has not been traditionally easy for trans folks in Mexico (and many other countries, including the United States). What do you think the public’s embrace of you means in terms of a shift in how people view LGBTQ+ people there?

I think it helps with visibility, to give us more visibility, and the opportunity for Trans girls to be part of such big platforms like that of television. I think that each of us is doing our bit or as other (trans) girls have done. I think there is still more to fight for. Obviously, there are still people who judge, people who point, but this helps even a little bit. And this is what I am most satisfied with.

Now that you’ve made history in Mexico as a reality star, what else would you like to accomplish in your career?

I don’t know. It depends on what they show me — what they propose to me, to see what show I do next. Because this thing about Wendy, Perdida Pero Famosa, I said “Oh, I had never thought about it nor had it occurred to me.” But then later they showed it to me (the whole concept) and I said, “Of course, of course, I will do the show. And now look at me — all crazy, sleepless and everything.

Wendy, Perdido Pero Famosa is streaming now on ViX. Watch the trailer below.

Wendy, Perdida Pero Famosa | Trailer | ViX

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Author: Tracy E. Gilchrist

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