Trans employee slams Marvel’s ‘allies’ Pride series for ‘erasing’ LGBTQ+ voices (exclusive)

Author: Ryan Adamczeski

A transgender Marvel employee is expressing their disappointment after the comic book giant announced its annual Pride comic series will focus on straight “allies” this year.

To the employee, Marvel’s choices didn’t just come across as tone-deaf, but rather demonstrated that the company “only sees you as a Pride commodity.” They said that LGBTQ+ people have fought for “literal inches” just for corporations to “go back a whole foot.”

“We get one month, and they corporatized it so much,” they said, continuing, “It’s the one time of year where we can get a check from these awful people who also donate to disgusting Republicans and big oil and bombing innocent people. These companies do all these things and they can’t be supportive of queer people, and then they want our money.”

Companies have often received criticism for only supporting LGBTQ+ initiatives during the month of June and remaining silent on issues that affect the community throughout the rest of the year. Now, the employee says queer people are at risk of not being acknowledged at all as corporations bend to conservative pushback.

“I’m trans in November. I’m trans in December. If you’re only working with me in the month of June, there’s a huge problem,” they said. Now, they maintain that “we need to revoke all of our queer dollars” from companies that don’t support the LGBTQ+ community.

“[Marvel] made a huge misstep, and they need to answer for that,” the employee said. “You can’t just erase it and then erase us in tow because you didn’t actually do a Pride issue.”

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Original Article on The Advocate
Author: Ryan Adamczeski

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