This Transgender Harvard Lawyer’s Front-Row Seat to Domestic Terrorism

Author: Christopher Wiggins

A prominent and award-winning Boston-based transgender activist and lawyer has been unnerved by several bomb threats around the country. Harvard educator Alejandra Caraballo has become a front-row witness to the hoax despite not being directly involved. That’s because the would-be bomber has copied her on the threats.the Beast. “It’s absolutely terrorism; that’s exactly what this is. Even though they’re not going through with it, people can be traumatized.”

As an expert in gender and technology, she follows anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric and extremism on X, formerly Twitter. A thread she posted last December linked Libs of TikTok to bomb threats against Boston Children’s Hospital. The hate account had spread misinformation about the institution’s gender-affirming care.

Because of that, Caraballo believes the bombing hoax perpetrator continues to copy her.

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Original Article on The Advocate
Author: Christopher Wiggins

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