This Queer Rock Band’s New Music Video Honors Sex Workers

Copyslut, the Oakland-based queer rock band, is using their new music video to celebrate sex workers and shine a light on the negative impact that COVID-19 is having on the sex worker community. They note that many are out of work or now forced to work in riskier environments. The song, “Homecoming Hooker,” is described as a “money-making protection spell” meant to ensure the safety of sex workers around the world. 
The band isn’t new to conversations around sex work or the ongoing fight to expand their rights and protections; they previously published the zine Don’t Hate My Heels: A Confrontation With Whorephobia In Which The Whores Win. The zine, from Copyslut’s lead singer, Chatz, and other sex workers both named and anonymous, is “an educational weapon and tool for sex workers to connect, defend themselves, and educate loved ones” and was shortlisted for the 2018 Broken Pencil Zine Awards. 
“We wanted the ‘Hooker Homecoming’ music video to serve as a symbol of strength and resilience for those who work within the sex trades and industries. We hope that it can help us all feel a little less lonely during this time of isolation,” says Reiko Que Fuego, Copyslut’s Art Director and Fashionista. 
With Ray Zamora on guitar and Eli Maliwan on bass, Chatz’s clear, effortless vocals shine through. They’re also joined by Alexis Blair on the drums, Erika Oba on the keys, Myra Byrne on the mandolin, and Reiko Rasch.
You can watch the official music video for “Homecoming Hooker” below. 
[embedded content]
The music video also features Amanda Joy Loth, Bytch Nastee, Felix Theroux, Janet Huey, Keyko Torres, Krystina Burton, Marley Marquee, Devorah, Mx. Galaxia, Patti DeMatteo, Reesa Baby G, Rose CW, Sasha Rain, Sybele, Tiff Rose, Vanessa Carlisle, Vivienne Ito, and Zia Afsonna.

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Author: Jeffrey Masters


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