The Trevor Project Lays Off 12% of Its Staff

Author: Christopher Wiggins

The Trevor Project, the country’s largest youth crisis nonprofit organization that works with LGBTQ+ young people, has laid off a significant number of employees. It’s just one of several challenges facing the company in recent months.

The layoffs come just eight months after The Trevor Project ousted its former CEO, Amit Paley, to address concerns about the organization’s rapid growth.

In a statement provided by a spokesperson at the time, Paley told The Advocate that his leadership had resulted in the organization growing from 50 to 500 employees. In addition, he pointed out that Trevor Project services would be launched in Mexico in the fall of 2022 as part of his global expansion.

Current counselors at The Trevor Project, who requested anonymity, told The Advocate that Paley’s lavish spending was one of the reasons they wanted him to leave.

“Those within the organization wanted Amit Paley removed because of their exuberant pay,” one person said. “One example that had been passed around throughout departmental meetings was Amit throwing his husband galas while crisis counselors were struggling paycheck to paycheck.”

They asked, “How can we adequately be there for our community when the organization that leads us treats us like we are doormats?”

The person continued, “Every single counselor I know believes in our work, believes in the organization’s mission, and just wants better working conditions. But we are all extremely burnt out and struggling to keep ourselves afloat.”

If you are having thoughts of suicide or are concerned that someone you know may be, resources are available to help. The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988 is for people of all ages and identities. Trans Lifeline, designed for transgender or gender-nonconforming people, can be reached at (877) 565-8860. The lifeline also provides resources to help with other crises, such as domestic violence situations. The Trevor Project Lifeline, for LGBTQ+ youth (ages 24 and younger), can be reached at (866) 488-7386. Users can also access chat services at or text START to 678678.

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Author: Christopher Wiggins


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