Swastika Painted on Atlanta’s Iconic Rainbow Crosswalk

Author: Allen Devlin

ATLANTA, Georgia (WGCL) — Atlanta’s iconic Rainbow Crosswalk has been vandalized once again, according to the Atlanta Police Department.

Officer says someone spray-painted a Swastika on the intersection at 10th and Piedmont this week and the LGBTQ Liaison Unit was notified by Zone 5 units regarding the hate speech.

Police say the ATL Department of Transportation responded to remove the vandalism with a pressure washer and investigators are currently working on details surrounding the incident.

“Atlanta Police immediately notified the Mayor’s Office of the matter, then ATL DOT scrambled a crew -in the rain- to remove the disguising act of vandalism from our street,” said Atlanta Police Department Press Secretary Michael Smith. “We thank the women and men of ATLDOT and APD for erasing the hate that has no place in our city in such a swift and efficient manner.”

Police are still investigating.

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Author: Allen Devlin


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