Stonewall Vet Miss Major and Her Partner Are Now Parents

Stonewall vet and trans icon Miss Major Griffin-Gracy and her partner Beck recently welcomed a new baby to the world.

In an Instagram post, Griffin-Gracy announced the birth of her child saying, “we had a baby! Asaih Wittenstein Major was born on sat, 1/9/21 (rhymes with messiah).” According to the post, Asiah was 9lb 8oz and 21 inches tall when they were born.
Griffin-Gracy also gave an update on how the baby’s doing now. “We got some precious days at home but are back at children’s hospital with a possible infection,” she said in the post. “We trust all will be well and Beck and I are just beaming over this little guy.”
The legendary trans activist and elder first announced that her partner was pregnant back in September of last year. She said, “to all my girls and the folks who love us, we have exciting news to share. Beck… is… Pregnant!” She added, “he’s 6 months along. Hooray and Hallelujah that this finally happened for us. We don’t know the sex of the baby but we know it will be loved by us and you.”

It was only back in the summer of 2019 that the 50-year veteran of trans activism suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. As someone who was there the night of the original Stonewall riot and has been a tireless worker for trans lives and community ever since, Griffin-Gracy deserves some rest and happiness, and we couldn’t be more overjoyed that she’s finally getting that with her beautiful family.

Original Article on The Advocate
Author: Mey Rude


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