Stephen Miller-Backed Group Targets Kellog Over ‘Woke’ LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Author: Christopher Wiggins

Stephen Miller, who many regard as one of the most extreme characters of the Trump administration, is continuing his mission to sue “woke” companies.

Having sued Target for selling LGBTQ+ merchandise, the former Trump advisor’s far-right nonprofit, America First Legal, now accuses Kellogg of sexualizing its cereal because it affirms LGBTQ+ customers, The New Republic reports.

Further, Kellogg is accused of unlawful employment practices as a result of its commitment to equity.

This week Miller’s group filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, claiming that the cereal manufacturer has an unlawful and corrupt workplace culture.

“Kellogg’s employment practices are unlawfully based on ‘equity,’ which is a euphemism for illegal discrimination,” the Wednesday letter asserted.

A focus was put on Kellogg’s diversity practices.

“Kellogg’s is yet another big corporation that will break the law and hurt its shareholders’ interests to serve the twisted woke ideology of its officers and directors; like Disney, Budweiser, and Target, Kellogg’s management has shown nothing but contempt and disdain for American families and American workers. America First Legal will keep fighting for big corporate accountability,” the group wrote.

According to them, the offending breakfast food box “depicts beloved and iconic characters such as Tony the Tiger®, Toucan Sam®, and Snap™, Crackle™, and Pop™ cheering around a bowl of rainbow heart-shaped cereal and Mini™, the Frosted Mini Wheats® mascot, holding an LGBTQ flag,” adding, “The top and left panels of the box provided a fill-in-the-blank space for consumers to fill in their own pronouns.”

In addition, the group discussed a recurring conservative mark: TikToker Dylan Mulvaney. When she partnered with Bud Light, the influencer sparked a war between conservatives and the beer brand, resulting in right-wingers boycotting the beer and affecting the brand’s bottom line.

America First Legal complained that the fictional character, Tony the Tiger, was noticed “linking elbows” with the transgender actress at a New York City photoshoot recently during Pride Month.

The Miller legal group also sued Target this week over Pride Month merchandise. The retailer was boycotted after right-wingers were outraged by misinformation about the store’s LGBTQ+ products.

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Author: Christopher Wiggins

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