RFK Jr. makes California ballot by collaborating with political party with a bigoted, anti-LGBTQ+ past

Author: Christopher Wiggins

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announced his acceptance of a spot on the California

However, Kennedy’s campaign response to inquiries about his current LGBTQ+ stances was vague, offering little reassurance to those concerned about his alliance with the AIP. When The Advocate requested clarification on Kennedy’s specific LGBTQ+ policies, his campaign responded by redirecting to his video announcement and saying, “We have no connection to any of the party’s former positions.”

The AIP did not respond to The Advocate’s request for comment on its current stance on LGBTQ+ rights or its endorsement of Kennedy.

Over a dozen members of the Kennedy family recently endorsed President Joe Biden. According to NPR, while endorsing Biden, Kennedy’s sister, Kerry Kennedy, highlighted the dichotomy in the 2024 race, stressing that only Biden or his Republican opponent could win.

Furthermore, Kennedy’s remarks in 2023, falsely suggesting that chemicals in water could be affecting the sexuality of children, added another layer of controversy. According to CNN, his campaign asserted that his comments were mischaracterized and that he was calling for more research into the effects of endocrine disruptors.

Original Article on The Advocate
Author: Christopher Wiggins

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