Revry’s Docuseries ‘Them’ Honors Trans Day of Remembrance

Revry, the first global LGBTQ+ TV network, is debuting a three part series of documentary shorts called Them, in observance of Trans Day of Remembrance.
The shorts were filmed on the set of Flavia’s music video for her song “Them,” which she wrote about her experience dating a trans masculine person. For the video, she had almost 50 trans people on set to take part in the project. Basil Mironer directed and edited these videos on set, talking to the trans performers in between filming.
Episode one, which we’re debuting here, is all about Identity and Pronouns. In it we meet several diverse trans people as they talk candidly about their experiences and provide some education on trans identities for allies.
One of the speakers, La Sirena, is a trans woman who uses she/her and they/them pronouns, and talks about what her pronouns mean to her. “They/them pronouns are a way of essentially not fitting into the norms of the gender binary,” she says, “so in a way it’s for someone to feel that they are able to exist and be valued without having to conform to the male or female spectrums.”
Another, VJohnny Simonello adds their perspective as someone who completely throws the binary away. “I’m the big picture, I’m he, she they/them, it/ i’m the whole thing, and it may be expressed at different times in different ways,” they say, “pronouns are important, they help us to identify, to have our self identity, and reinforce it, strengthen it.”
“Trans Day of Remembrance is such an important moment of reflection–especially in light of the present threats to the health, safety, and freedoms of trans and non-binary people,” says Revry co-founder and Chief Business Officer, Christopher J. Rodriguez, Esq., “As a diversely queer-owned and operated network, Revry is honored to share these raw true stories of the trans experience with the world to help foster understanding, acceptance, and empathy.”
These shorts are full of beautiful messages that will resonate with trans people and allies alike. “The euphoria of feeling aligned in your body and in your mind, that is a real privilege if you’ve never experienced that discomfort,” says Kai Wes (MTV’s Are You The One?) who appears in, and produced the videos, “and that’s why it’s so important to understand that transitioning is more than just about physicality.”
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Them will be shown in three parts only on Revry, starting today.

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Author: Mey Rude


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