Rachel Maddow Set to Return From Hiatus, But for How Long?

Author: Alex Cooper

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow will return to her hit eponymous show on Monday, April 11 after a months-long hiatus.

Maddow has been away from her 9 p.m. time slot since February 4. She did return for a few nights to cover the Russian invasion of Ukraine and President Joe Biden’s State of Union speech.

The out news host took a two-month break to work on the movie version of her podcast and book “Bag Man,” which is about vice president Spiro Agnew, who served in the Nixon administration, the Los Angeles Times reports. He resigned in 1973 after facing bribery charges from when he was Maryland’s governor.

In February, Maddow told her audience, “as you can tell I’m nervous about all this, it’s a change in my life, but it’s all for the good.”

Ever since she took the hiatus, MSNBC’s ratings have taken a dip, according to the Times. No official announcement has been made, but the paper notes that many expect Maddow to end her daily nighttime show this summer.

In August, the host renewed her contract with NBCUniversal. The new contract reportedly included a multi-year deal that would allow Maddow to develop additional projects for the company. Prior to the contract, she reportedly had discussions with CNN about joining the company’s new streaming service CNN+.

While there has been no heir apparent to Maddow’s spot, veteran host Ali Velshi has covered most of the nights Maddow has been away. Current White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is expected to join MSNBC after she steps down from her role in the administration this spring. She is not expected to take Maddow’s place, however.

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Author: Alex Cooper


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