Pedro Pascal is the Ally of the Moment: Photos

Author: Christopher Wiggins

Why is Pedro Pascal so great?

Pedro Pascal, Costume of the Mandalorian and Pedro Pascal again.

Let’s face it, right now, Pedro Pascal is on fire. Not only is the daddy (he’s 48 years young) everywhere, but when he’s anywhere, he basically wins over the audience, gaining more fans because, well, he’s just great!

The Last of Us actor skyrocketed to star power over the last year as he inhabited the zombie-fighting lead on the show that has become a queer cult hit because of the show’s LGBTQ+ representation.

For three seasons and going on a fourth, Pascal has won over audiences on The Mandalorian, the popular Disney+ space western that takes place in the Star Wars universe, where he plays a tough, lone warrior with a sweet spot for Grogu (baby Yoda) and others under his care.

It’s the goodness of the actor’s real-world LGBTQ+ allyship that solidifies his place in the hearts and minds of fans. His transgender sister is one of the most important people in the actor’s life.

Recently, he opened up about his relationship with Lux, who he called one of the most powerful people he’s known.

Maybe he’s the real life Mandalorian.

Pedro Pascal next to the Mandalorian

A nine-month-old Pascal came to the United States with his family when they emigrated from Chile. Aside from his older sister, Javiera, he has a younger brother, Nicolás, and a younger sister, Lux, 17 years younger than him.

Pascal shared a photo of Lux on the cover of Ya, a Spanish-language magazine where she announced her gender identity.“Mi hermana, mi corazón, nuestra Lux,” he wrote in his first language, Spanish.

In other words, “My sister, my heart, our Lux.”The feature noted Lux’s family’s “natural” reaction to her transition, almost as if they anticipated it.In her gushing, she praised her big brother for his support.

Pascal has “been an important part of this. He’s also an artist and has served as a guide for me. He was one of the first people to gift me the tools that started shaping my identity,” she said.

Could he be Clark Kent?

Pedro Pascal wearing glasses

The actor was worried when Lux revealed she was transgender over FaceTime, but he congratulated her once she explained she was happy. “Perfect, this is incredible,” Lux remembered Pascal saying.

In the past, Lux came out to her family as non-binary, although she said that “moving through life as a woman” is “more intuitive” for her, and she continues to advocate for nonbinary identities in society.

Aside from posting Pride flags and pronouns in his social media bio, he has shown his commitment to the trans community by posting about Black Trans Lives Matter.

Or your friendly neighborhood dad?

Pedro Pascal wearing a sports coat

Pascal also gave ear to Bella Ramsey, the young Last of Us co-star who is often quiet and timid. The New York Times profiled her in January, revealing she self-identifies as non-binary. According toGQ, she wore a chest binder while shooting The Last of Us for “90 percent” of the time to help her focus, she said.

Pascal was “super supportive,“ said Ramsey. Their conversations often revolved around gender and sexuality. And she told the magazine that those talks weren’t always deep: they could also be funny and humorous.

She said it was just a matter of being honest and open with each other.

Maybe he’s James Bond?

Pedro Pascal wearing a white tuxedo jacket

Or a nerdy, preppy secret agent?

Pedro Pascal looking preppy

Could he be Bruce Wayne?

Pedro Pascal in beige

Pedro is a man of the people!

Pedro Pascal speaking with reporters

And he’s comfortable in his skin.

Pedro Pascal wearing a sweater

Pedro Pascal has arrived.

Pedro Pascal with a collarless shirt

A real Mensch.

Pedro Pascal wearing a robe

Protective to a fault.

Pedro Pascal and Lux Pascal

Pedro is just one heck of an ally.  

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Author: Christopher Wiggins


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