Next PM could ‘unite country’ by dumping Rwanda and banning conversion therapy

Author: Patrick Kelleher

Penny Mordaunt, Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are being floated as possible replacements for Liz Truss after her resignation. (Getty)

Liz Truss’s resignation means the next prime minister has “an opportunity to unite the country”, activists have said.

Truss resigned as leader of the Conservative Party on Thursday (20 October), just 45 days into her time as prime minister. She will remain on as PM for about another week, while the Tories race through an expedited leadership election.

With the Tory Party facing an existential crisis – polling suggests it could be all but wiped out in the next general election – activists have suggested Truss’ departure opens up an opportunity for her successor to win favour by advancing equality.

In her short time in office, Truss achieved virtually nothing, and certainly on human rights she didn’t even attempt to make change.

“Truss failed to deliver on the ban on conversion practices she promised as minister for women and equalities,” Cleo Madeleine, communications officer at trans charity Gendered Intelligence told PinkNews.

“After Keir Starmer’s commitment to a comprehensive ban at the PinkNews Awards, it’s now up to the Tories to get a bill across the line soon or face the consequences from voters.

“The public want it, the LGBT+ community need it, and it might be the only way to turn around the party’s spiralling approval ratings.”

Liz Truss has resigned as prime minister. (Getty)

Sebastian Rocca, CEO of LGBTQ+ asylum charity Micro Rainbow, thinks the next prime minister could do the right thing and kill off the widely-detested Rwanda asylum plan.

“It is upsetting to see the UK going through such a turbulent time but the resignation of Liz Truss is an opportunity to unite the country with inclusive and fair policies – for the economy and for the most vulnerable,” Rocca told PinkNews.

“At Micro Rainbow we work with hundreds of LGBTQI people fleeing persecution who are petrified at the prospect of being sent to Rwanda and eventually back to their country of origin where they could be killed.

“This is not a humane policy. This is not a policy that any prime minister can be proud of.”

Rocca called on Truss’ successor to build a “dignified” system for people seeking asylum.

In her short resignation speech, Liz Truss said that a new prime minister will be in place in a week’s time.

Graham Brady, chair of the 1922 Committee, which governs leadership elections, has confirmed that it will conclude the election by 28 October.

It’s been reported that Boris Johnson is considering a run, with Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt also considered likely contenders.

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Author: Patrick Kelleher


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