Jonathan Van Ness shares ode to their pets for ‘teaching me how to love myself’

Author: Gabriella Ferlita

The star is parent to three dogs and five cats. (@jvn/Instagram)

Anyone who keeps up with Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness will know that they are a parent to a menagerie of gorgeous pets. 

And now the grooming expert, who is non-binary and uses he/she/they pronouns, has shared a wholesome ode to their pets for “teaching me how to love myself”. The star is parent to three rescue dogs and five cats.

Van Ness, who is one fifth of the Netflix series’ Fab Five, took to Instagram on 25 April to share their pet journey, which started in 2004 when the hair stylist graduated high school. “I adopted my first kitty and felt 🥹❤️ I had never felt before…

“Then my littlest pet shop (but adopted) grew a bit, and then two more kittens, and I was granted official kitten lady status,” the self-proclaimed “dog-lover”-come-“cat mom” said.

She continued: “When it all felt like too much and that the world was falling in front of me…These little kitties carried me through. They helped me find stability and consistency…

“And then came Elton,” the JVN hair care founder said with an adorable picture of their first pup. “And Rosie… And Georgie.

“I never liked spending time alone, but as I adopted my bb’s I learned I actually loved being alone w my pets. By loving my pets I learned to love myself. 

“I can’t think of anything greater than these bb animals. Thank you for teaching me how to love myself,” he concluded in the sweet tribute.

Elsewhere on their Instagram, Van Ness has shared a recent post with cryptic lyrics in the caption, just weeks after allegations about their on-set behaviour

Last month, seven individuals who have worked on Netflix’s Queer Eye accused the 37-year-old hairstylist and podcast host of being a “nightmare” to work with, and accused Van Ness as having “rage issues“.

One source alleged to Rolling Stone how Van Ness would “explode” frequently while filming, and create an “intense and scary” atmosphere.

“When he comes on set, everything changes if he’s in a bad mood,” one source explained, adding that “working with him is very difficult in any capacity”.

Van Ness has not yet directly responded to the allegations. 

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Author: Gabriella Ferlita

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