Natasha Lyonne knows she’s the ‘Stanley Tucci’ for the lesbian community

Author: Ricky Cornish

Now this is allyship at its finest!

Natasha Lyonne is one of the most influential people in Hollywood thanks to her well-known acting credits in projects like Everyone Says I Love You, American Pie, Russian Doll, Poker Face and many more.

For many years, the LGBTQ+ community has wanted to embrace Lyonne as one of their own even though she doesn’t identify as a queer person.

Despite the fact that she may not be part of the family, Lyonne is an out and proud ally and has resonated with her queer peers since her humble beginnings.

“It’s just a really warm, nice, loving thing. I like all the memes that are just like ‘God made a mistake.’ I’m the Stanley Tucci of lesbians! He should be gay and I should be gay. The truth is, I do ultimately identify with the queer community more than the straight community outside of the sex acts,” Lyonne says.

On her new animated series The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy, Lyonne stars alongside Maya Rudolph and a star-studded cast that follows two alien best friends as they tackle anxiety-eating parasites, illegal time loops, and deep-space STIs.

“Who doesn’t want to play a 20,000-year-old robot doctor who’s had multiple lives, wives, husbands, girlfriends… kids?! It’s a sexy package,” Rudolph shares.

Maya Rudolph Reveals Her All-Time Favorite Acting

The animated sci-fi comedy comes from Emmy Award-winning creator Cirocco Dunlap who used her queer upbringing as inspiration behind the new show.

“I grew up in San Francisco. My sister’s in a polyamorous relationship. My mom’s bi. My dad was gay. My whole world was queer! I didn’t know different, especially because it was San Francisco, and that’s a big part of why the show is so queer. The baseline is queer because that’s what I experienced. It was not a question! I feel very lucky I got to grow up in that environment,” Dunlap says.

The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy is streaming now on Prime Video. To see the full interview with Natasha Lyonne, Maya Rudolph, and Cirocco Dunlap, check out the videos above and below.

Natasha Lyonne Knows She’s the ‘Stanley Tucci’ for the Lesbian

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Author: Ricky Cornish

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