Maryland Parents Charged With Murder Over Death of Transgender Teenager

Author: Trudy Ring

A Maryland transgender boy with disabilities died last year in what police are calling a case of criminal neglect by his parents, who have been charged with second-degree murder.

Morgan Moore died May 10, 2022, at age 17 at his home in Montgomery Village. His passing is just now being recognized as one of the violent deaths of transgender people in 2022, as some media reports at the time of his death misgendered him.

Police and paramedics were called to his home, where they found him unresponsive. He weighed only 79 pounds, and his father and mother, Dominique and Cynthia Moore, said he hadn’t seen a doctor in two years, according to local media and the Disability Day of Mourning website. He had diabetes and multiple sclerosis and was suffering from long-term effects of COVID-19. He had lost the ability to walk and had an abscess on his back.

There were 10 adults and children living in the home. Authorities removed six minor children from the Moores and placed them in foster care. Court documents showed the home was filthy, with animal feces throughout, nonfunctioning toilets, little lighting, and not enough beds for family members, Washington, D.C.’s Fox affiliate reports. The children were homeschooled and isolated, communicating with people outside the family only through video games.

Morgan was out as transgender, but not all family members recognized or respected his identity. He was “a celebrated artist, self taught guitarist, cook, keyboard player, gamer and all around great person,” according to an online tribute page. He had expressed a wish to travel to Japan.

“I just want my brother to be remembered as the artist and the person he was,” one sibling told the Fox station. “He was as good person, and I want people who are transphobic and not accepting of their children to accept their kids for who they are and love them no matter what.”

The local medical examiner did not officially classify Morgan’s death as a homicide until April. Then in May, his parents were both charged with second-degree murder and six counts of neglect of a minor.

“What happened to Morgan was inhumane,” said a statement from Tori Cooper, director of community engagement for the Human Rights Campaign’s Transgender Justice Initiative. “Morgan deserved the same respect and love from his parents as he received from his siblings, who were such a loving support in his life. Morgan’s beautiful memory is a reminder to all of us that we need to do better. Folks living with disabilities, Black and Brown people, and transgender people require the same love and respect that is given so freely to the many who take it for granted. We’ll remember Morgan as the bright artist and good person that he was.”

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Author: Trudy Ring

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