Mary Trump Sues Uncle Donald, Saying He Swindled Millions From Her

Mary Trump continues to be a thorn in the side of her duplicitous uncle, President Donald Trump, slapping him with a lawsuit this week that accuses him of fraud, CNN reports.
The suit from Mary Trump also targets her aunt, retired judge Maryanne Trump, and her uncle, the recently deceased Robert Trump. Mary claims that when her grandfather Fred Trump died in 1999, her father’s siblings conspired to deny her and her brother their rightful inheritance. Mary said her Uncle Robert informed her she would not receive an equal share of Fred Trump’s inheritance because her father, Fred Trump Jr., was an alcoholic, who succumbed to the disease in 1981. Mary was also allegedly told she and her brother were not receiving a fair share of the inheritance because Fred Trump Sr., disliked her mother.
Mary and her brother eventually signed an agreement awarding them a small portion of Fred Trump’s estate, but allegedly only after the uncles and aunt threatened to cut them out entirely and cancel the health insurance of Mary’s infant nephew, who was suffering from seizures and was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
In her lawsuit, Mary claims “fraud was not just the family business — it was a way of life.” The lawsuit, filed in New York State court, says Mary’s family also deceptively siphoned funds from her and brother’s holdings, claiming they were for legitimate business interests. Mary further says her uncles and aunt manipulated the value of the holdings she received from her grandfather, using deceptive appraisals and falsified financial statements.
Mary, who is gay, spoke to The Advocate about her family, specifically her Uncle Donald, who she named as the most dangerous man on earth in her recently released memoir, Too Much and Never Enough. Mary described Donald Trump as mentally impaired and damaged, mostly due to her grandfather. Mary wrote in her book that Fred Trump created a monster with his second-oldest son, Donald, while demonizing and mentally torturing her father because he didn’t want to go into the family real estate business. Mary also said racism and anti-Semitism coursed through the veins of her family, especially her grandfather and Uncle Donald.
Of her uncle’s political career, Mary said, “He really brought out the worst in some people. It’s just been extraordinary.”

Original Article on The Advocate
Author: Neal Broverman


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