MAGA supporter claims drag shows kill more people than guns

Author: LGBTQ Nation

At Donald Trump’s rally in Waco, Texas, one supporter wearing an “Ultra MAGA” t-shirt said he didn’t know how many people per year drag shows killed but that it was definitely more than guns.

The Trumper claimed that the “long-term effects” of drag shows on kids are more dangerous to their lives than guns. And when the interviewer shared the statistic that 48,000 people die every year from gun violence, the Trump supporter responded that “there’s probably 100,000 that die from drag shows.”

Republicans continue to demonize LGBTQ+ people and focus their legislative efforts on banning books, drag shows, and gender-affirming care, as well as restricting other rights of marginalized groups.

In the meantime, they refuse to pass commonsense gun control legislation, and shootings continue to ravage the nation.


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